Success Stories



Our members inspire us daily. Take a look at some of the inspiring stories from our very own community members. We’re excited to share them with you and can’t wait to be a part of your own fitness story!

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"...CFBG Family exceeded every expectation..."

Mudit D.

Coming to Crossfit Burlingame and becoming a part of CFBG Family exceeded every expectation that I could ever have. The coaches here are wonderful and most importantly approachable. I have always received good advice and positive reinforcement that keeps me going and aiming higher. I remember the time when doing a pull up was a dream and now I live it every day. 

I see people from every walks of life being a happy part of this family that includes experienced athletes, rookies, seniors and even kids and furry friends(!). The environment here promotes acceptance and support which is key to feel included and benefit from the community. The coaches here are well versed in scaling workouts and movements based on your capacity and don’t get me wrong, they’ll push you to be better than you were last time around.


"'s very easy to feel at home at the gym."

Angel R.

I have been a member of Crossfit Burlingame for a little over a year. Prior to joining, I was a marathon runner and had to switch to cross training because my knees were bothering me from the wear and tear of running. When I started Crossfit, I walked through the doors with an open mind, expecting to learn a lot and knowing that I was going to enjoy very intense and challenging workouts. 

I received that and much more! The programming of the workouts are consistent with fun workouts that challenge members and make them stronger athletes. The coaches at this gym will literally walk around the floor to guide you through the movements so you can exert max effort without hurting yourself. The members and coaches at Crossfit Burlingame are very welcoming and it’s very easy to feel at home at the gym.


"The community at CFBG accepts, supports, and empowers each other."

Jeanely H.

After having lost 100lbs, I joined CFBG in February 2017. I knew I was still on my journey to becoming a healthier and stronger version of myself; I needed to find a place that would support those goals. I was instantly attracted when learned that CFBG believes everyone is an athlete. To be honest, I was nervous to try CrossFit; however, the CFBG community (both coaches and fellow athletes) was welcoming and has become a second home and family for me since joining that first day. The community at CFBG accepts, supports, and empowers each other. I had people encouraging me from day one – strangers before we became friends! This camaraderie is truly unique. 

Between February 2017 and July 2017, I also experienced both a physical and mental transformation. I lost 30lbs, dropped 3 pant sizes, and gained physical and mental strength. I love how the programmed workouts are intense and varied across various functional movements (skill, strength, and conditioning). Prior to starting crossfit at CFBG, I would have never thought I could do a handstand hold, pull-up, 150 wall balls, 306lb deadlift, and more! I improved my 1RM backsquat from 200lbs to 285lbs in 4 months; it’s truly amazing. Overall, I’ve become more confident in my self as an athelete, woman, and mom for my family. As a growing athlete, CFBG helps fuel my hunger and motivation to be the very best version of me.